CarGia Institute of Cosmetology offers small classes

"CarGia Institute of Cosmetology provides prospective practitioners of the beauty industry a new approach towards learning and practicing the art of beauty. In keeping with the demands of the global market place, CarGia has opted for an intensive regimen of theory and application for its students. Classes are kept small-no more than ten students at any time. This allows for an hands-on, student centered teaching style after the European model where students are usually working with one mentor practitioner throughout the time it takes to become a master of the craft.

CarGia has taken the European apprenticeship model with its years of practice and theoretical learning and modeled it after the less time-consuming American model in an effort to combine the best of both worlds. Students of all ethnicities are required to become global citizens and be able to address the various needs and issues of clients from diverse backgrounds. The owners of the institute greatly value diversity and want their students to work with a wide range of hair textures, skin qualities, and culturally conditioned ideals of what constitutes beauty in their efforts to enhance and develop their clients' individual traits and looks.

Students are at the center of CarGia's programs. Instruction is geared to help all learners succeed, regardless of their prior learning experiences. Best practices and research are at the core of the curriculum. While all beauty schools are held to the same legal standards, CarGia offers private tutoring beyond the classroom. An added bonus is the availability of various continuing education seminars. Those are usually open to the public and touch on topics that are relevant for entrepreneurs, beauty specialists, and interested individuals who are interested in issues pertaining to culture, business, health, and eco-friendly practices and products.

The instructors and owners of the institute have developed a program geared towards students who want more from their career than simply a job in the field of cosmetology. Given the available career choices, the expectation is that students develop a sense of style and the appropriate demeanor in order to succeed at the highest levels of the industry. Those who earn their cosmetology license through the program will have the skills, personality, and creativity needed to compete at the top levels of the industry."

This article was first published on abc15.com.