Letter: Grateful to beauty school for help in providing wigs to cancer patients

I would like to compliment and thank Empire Beauty School in Portage for their participation in the American Cancer Society free wig program. ACS provides donated wigs to Empire, their only participating partner in the Kalamazoo area.
At no charge, Empire students and staff wash and style the wigs and maintain them in a wig bank for loan to patients undergoing chemotherapy. When a patient comes in for a wig, Empire provides personalized selection and fitting assistance.
I recently accompanied a friend to Empire to obtain a wig. I was very impressed with the service they provided. A student stylist named Nick learned my friend's preferences as to hair color, length and style. Nick selected four wigs. We were taken into a separate room behind a closed door before we were shown the wigs. It showed nice consideration for my friend's privacy. Nick and her instructor did a great job instructing my friend on how to put on and care for her wig. The wigs are attractive and natural looking and the one we selected suits my friend perfectly. I would never guess from looking at her that she was wearing a wig.
This is a wonderful service that the American Cancer Society has established and I am proud we have a local company willing to help out for free. Thank you, Empire.
Jean A. Brodie, Portage