Making a career as a hairstylist

If you are looking for a rewarding career in cosmetology and creating new hairstyles for people sounds interesting, then becoming a hairstylist is right up your alley. Here is what it takes to become a hairstylist and start on the road to a new career by reading the steps below.

Complete your graduation. Though formal education isn't very important for starting a career as a hair stylist, it is advisable for you to have completed your graduation as it keeps a lot of options open on a later date.

Enroll in beauty or hair design school. Since not many institutes provide hair styling courses, you can check online or in your local Yellow Pages or community newspaper for schools in your area.

Attend a beauty school. You could also pursue a course in cosmetology after your higher secondary. These courses and learn many different types and areas of hairstyling including colouring, perming, braiding and waving.

Apprentice with an established hairstylist. Many schools offer on-the-job training programs and you might be able to stay on at the salon where you worked while in the program. If not that, there are plenty of established hair stylist who would be willing to let you practice at their salons.

Build a portfolio. While you are still pursuing your course or working as an intern, you can click pictures and take testimonials from people you have rendered your services too so as to create a portfolio to showcase your work to prospective employers.