A new look for a new life

Are you interested in performing a makeover one day? Have a look at this article, posted on dailycommercial.com!

"Three Lake Technical Center graduating students got the star treatment Monday with facials, skin waxing, hair coloring, hair styling, manicures and makeup to give them a professional look as they prepare to head out into the work world.

It was the school's first time doing makeovers, and cosmetology instructor Deanna Thomas believes it just may become an annual event.

"Everybody looks phenomenal," she said of the results for accounting student Brenda Barrett, and administrative assistant students Alexandra Soto and Maribel Hurt.

"The 'after' results are very changing," said Thomas, who was tickled by the reaction of her colleague, Sonya Rosenglick, the administrative/accounting instructor, when she saw her students' new look. "She had tears in her eyes. She was so excited to see her students ready for the workforce, and that was the most exciting part of it all, when she saw the big reveal."

The idea for the makeover was collaborated by the two instructors. They thought it would be a "win-win" for the administrative students and also help the nine cosmetology students who took part.

The timing for the makeover came at the right time, just when the cosmetology students returned from the Premiere Beauty Show, the largest in the U.S., Thomas said, where "they came back all excited, ready to try new color techniques and new tools that they learned at the show."

Alicia Cohen was joined by Amanda Howard and Mike Burt as they did Barrett's makeover.

"This is just exciting to see the transformation," said Cohen. "Just to see the pleasure on someone's face and to make them feel better about themselves with a new look is exciting."

Barrett's hair was straightened to make her curly locks more manageable. Her hair also was treated with some red highlights and brown undertones.

"It's wonderful to work on a person and not the mannequin," Howard added.

Barrett paid close attention as she received skin care and makeup advice from the future cosmetology and facial specialists.

"This is very important," she said. "I can see what I can do with myself so that when I go out on an interview, I'll look better on the interview."

Heather Franklin, Shannon Sims-Reyes and Yesenia Vazquez were assigned to do Soto's makeover.

"This is fun," Soto said, beaming throughout her makeover. "I love how they are fixing my hair."

Her hair was colored and styled so that Soto can two different looks -- all by the way she parts her hair.

"She'll have a fun side and a professional side," said Sims-Reyes, noting the "fun side" of her hair features red highlights. "And when she's working in an office, she'll have the professional brown color."

Maribel Hurt's hair was layered and also enhanced with highlights from her makeover team: Ty Lopez, Krystal Ramirez and Aushay Wilder.

Lopez couldn't wait to apply some of the skills she has learned in her cosmetology classes, a 1,200-hour state licensed program that most students complete in 12 months.

"I'm more of a creative person," Lopez said, adding her dream job would be the chance to style hair in flamboyant ways. "I would love to work with Disney characters and do their hair."

She added that she has applied to the Orlando attraction for a stylist position.

Fast Facts

Among other things, the Cosmetology Program at Lake Technical Center aims to:

1. Teach the competency standards to get licensed in cosmetology.

2. Teach the student to develop good habits of safety, cleanliness, orderliness, accuracy and precision in all work.

3. Teach the care, use, and maintenance of all tools and equipment.

4. Teach the importance of communication skills.

5. Develop within students an appreciation for natural beauty and creativeness.

For more information, visit www.laketech.org"