Trenz Academy of Cosmetology graduates first class

"After opening its doors 10 months ago, Trenz Academy of Cosmetology, Nails and Aesthetics just graduated its first class. In a fashion show setting at the VFW Hall on Saturday evening, 14 students showcased what they had learned at the academy as part of the graduation celebration.

"We're absolutely thrilled with all our graduates," said Tina McClain, one of the academy's co-owners. "This group of students set the standard for future classes when it comes to professionalism, which is what we stress. It's important for students to know that their tuition is buying them skills they can use for long, successful careers."

Trenz plans to graduate students every six months, McClain added. Located at 549 West Fourth St. in Benson in the Safeway Plaza, the academy's goal is to teach students the skills they need for successful careers in all areas of cosmetology.

The graduation was in the form of a runway fashion show that showcased each student's talent. The graduates selected different themes, some that highlighted fashions of past decades, and designed a model from head to toe based on that theme. Students were responsible for the model's hair, makeup and costume, with the stroll down the runway set to music.

The show featured a 1920s era complete with a flapper, a 1950s sock hop, a 1980s rocker and a full wedding party, to name a few of the themes.

"The fashion show was really well done," said McClain. "These girls did an excellent job and put a lot of thought into the entire presentation."

The audience voted on their favorite overall model and theme, with the winning presentation receiving $100. In addition, the academy's nail technicians designed a mannequin hand and the audience voted on those presentations as well.

"We're currently re-modeling the school and will be starting our aesthetics program on Aug. 15," said Diane Workman, who is the director of the family-owned and run business. "For being open 10 months, we've exceeded all expectations. Along with Benson, we had students from Bisbee, Willcox, Sierra Vista and Tucson enrolled in our first class, so we're thrilled."

This article was first published on bensonnews-sun.com.