Alaska Cosmetology License Information

To be licensed as a Barber, Hairdresser, Esthetician, Nail Technician or other cosmetology service provider in the state of Alaska, individuals must complete the listed requirements. Other requirements may apply.

Hairdresser: 1650 hours (2000 apprenticeship hours) with specific curriculum (hairdresser license includes limited esthetics, manicuring and pedicuring)
Barber: 1650 hours (2000 apprenticeship hours) with specific curriculum
Esthetician: 350 hours (350 apprenticeship hours) with specific curriculum
Manicurist: 12 hours
Advanced Manicurist Endorsement: 250 hours
Cosmetician: 350 hours
Body Piercing: 1000 hours of apprenticeship
Tattoo and Permanent Cosmetic Coloring: 380 hours of apprenticeship

Licensing Fee Schedule: (Fees subject to change)

Application Fee: $50 for each type of license - non refundable
Examination Fee: $55 – Includes $20 for written exam, and $35 for practical exam

Continuing Education Requirements:


Individuals will need to have completed 1650 hours. Alaska will grant credit for work experience (500 hours for each year worked in the field). Note: A cosmetologist in Alaska may only do facial, hair removal and make-up. A hairdresser only works with the hair. You will need to acquire TWO licenses to perform all of the mentioned procedures.

Contact Information:

Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing
P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806
(907) 465-2550
(907) 465-2974 (Fax)