Nebraska Cosmetology License Information

In order to obtain a license in Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Electrology, or Esthetics in the state of Nebraska, individuals must complete the requirements listed below. Other requirements may apply.

Cosmetologist: 2100 hours
Esthetician: 600 hours
Electrologist: 600 hours
Nail Technician: 300 hours

Licensing Fee Schedule: (Fees subject to change)

For Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Electrologists and Nail Technicians, the Application Fee is $30. After 180 days the fee is $25.

Explanation of the Initial Application Fee
When a credential will expire within 180 days after the initial issuance date, and the initial credentialing fee is $25 or more, the Department of Health and Human Services will collect $25 dollars, or one-fourth of the initial credentialing fee (whichever is greater), for the initial credential, and the credential will be valid until the next subsequent renewal date.

Continuing Education Requirements:

Nebraska requires eight (8) hours of Continuing Education in order to renew one's license. Four (4) of the eight hours must be Board approved, be related to Cosmetology, and cannot be home study courses. The other four hours do not need to be Board approved, and can be home study courses.


Reciprocity or License by Waiver: Individuals must have a current license, equal number of hours as Nebraska requirements, and/or work experience within five (5) years, valued at 100 hours per month. As long as the other state required both written and practical examinations, Nebraska will accept individuals if they meet other requirements. Individual applicants must have taken a basic first aid course at some time in their lifetime, and it may have been taken during their basic training.

Contact Information:

Nebraska Dept. of Health & Human Services
Regulation & Licensure Credentialing Division
P.O. Box 94986
Lincoln, NE 68509