Idaho Cosmetology License Information

In order to obtain a license in Cosmetology, Nail Technology, or Esthetics in the state of Idaho, individuals must complete the requirements listed below. Other requirements may apply.

Cosmetology: 2000 hours (apprenticeship: 4000 hours)
Esthetician: 600 hours (apprenticeship: 1200 hours)
Nail Technician: 400 hours (apprenticeship: 800 hours)
Electrology: 800 hours
Barber: 1800 hours

Licensing Fee Schedule: (Fees subject to change)

Original License and Annual Renewal Fee: (cosmetologist & nail tech) $25.00
Original Electrologist License and Annual Renewal Fee: $27.00
Original Esthetician License and Annual Renewal Fee: $27.00
Examination Fee: (all or any part) $75.00
Endorsement Application: (Reciprocity) $100.00
Expired License Reinstatement Fee: $25.00
Barber Exam Fee: $75.00
Barber License Fee: $25.00
Barber Endorsement Fee: $80.00

Continuing Education Requirements:


Reciprocity will be granted to licensed applicants who provide official documentation showing the requirements for license under which the license was issued, are of a standard not lower than Idaho, or who provide official documentation the applicant has practiced for at least three (3) years immediately prior to making application. Home salons are allowed; however, mobile salons are not allowed.

Contact Information:
Idaho Board of Cosmetology – Bureau of Occupational Licenses
Owyhee Plaza
1109 Main St, Suite 220
Boise ID 83702