New Jersey Cosmetology License Information

In order to obtain a license in Cosmetology, Hairstyling, Manicuring, or Skin Care in the state of New Jersey, individuals must complete the requirements listed below. Other requirements may apply.

Cosmetology: 1200 hours
Hairstyling: 1200 hours
Manicurist: 300 hours
Skin Care: 600 hours

Continuing Education Requirements:


Reciprocity is only offered in New Jersey to individuals licensed as both a barber and cosmetologist/hairstylist. New Jersey will recognize individuals without administering an exam to those holding a license from a state whose requirements are equal to, or greater than, New Jersey's. Licensure by endorsement is offered to cosmetologist applicants if they can fulfill the requirements for licensure, and currently hold a valid license as a barber and beautician in another state or foreign country.

Contact Information:

New Jersey Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling
P.O. Pox 45003
Newark, NJ 07101